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Shakers and Mixers Heidolph

  • Dátum: 06.11.2018
  • Autor: Marcela Pohanková

Multifarious Possibilities

The Hei-MIX series by Heidolph

Proven technologies, the highest quality standards and a variety of expansion options make our shakers and mixers the most reliable workforce in your lab. The Hei-MIX series handles almost every shaking and mixing task reliably and efficiently.

Always in motion

Whether vortexing, incubating, suspending, homogeneously emulsifying, gentle mixing
or phase separation, the Hei-MIX series offers the right solution for every application. Throught their precision, the temperature-insulated drive and the maintenance-free motors, our shakers and mixers are permanent companions in your laboratory and guarantors for reproducible and meaningful results.

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Get more out of your Hei-MIX

Thanks to our large range of accessories, you can further customize your new shaker  or reconfigure devices from the laboratory inventory over and over again. So your  Hei-MIX always fits perfectly to the requirements of the application. Fast, cost-effective and modular - the accessories of the Hei-MIX series.

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