• Dátum: 01.04.2019
  • Autor: Marcela Pohanková

Lightweight for big task

You need a compact and light lab stirrer that can be integrated into
closed systems?

The compact design of the Hei-TORQUE Core enables the integration
into closed systems such as fume hoods, reactors or production systems.
The Hei-TORQUE Core is very quiet, has a high speed accuracy,
a Quick-Chuck and is easy to use.

• Torque up to 40 Ncm
• Speed range up to 2.000 rpm
• Viscosity up to 10.000 mPas
• One control knob for setting the rotational speed – pushing
starts / stops the function
• Timer
• “Max“ button for short-term operation at maximum speed

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Compatible with all Heidolph impellers
The large diameter of the chuck (10 mm) allows you to use even large impellers
and VISCO JET® tools. This facilitates a wide variety of applications, such as
homogenization, dispersing, the dissolving of agglomerates, and more.

See Impellers

Tip: For reactor systems, the torque can be redirected via the flexible shaft
to place the overhead stirrer next to the actual attachment.

See flexible shaft

High viscosities and a higher torque required?
For larger volumes, high viscosity, or use in reactor systems – find the appropriate
power class with our Hei-TORQUE models.

The Hei-TORQUE models

Only low-viscosity liquids?
The robust magnetic stirrers of the Hei-PLATE series were developed to optimally
mix low-viscosity liquids from smooth to intense. They are perfectly suited for
decomposing organic and inorganic substances.

The Hei-PLATE models