The Company MERCI has been Registered in the Competition The BESTInnovator of South Moravia

  • Date: 01.12.2015
  • Author: Petra Vráblová

The competition BESTInnovator of South Moravia 2015 was opened in August 2015, via nomination of companies at the beginning. There have been registered about 200 companies. The competition began in the 1. lap with the aid of panel observing these factors and criterions:    

  • relevance of innovating activities for South Moravia
  • level of cooperation with academic sphere and researching infrastructure in South Moravia
  • social-economic influences of the activities on the region South Moravia (employment rate, influence on environment, and so on)
  • ethic criterions (relations between employer and employees, partners and delivers)
  • representing of region South Moravia on foreign counties

The company MERCI, s.r.o. gained into the second lap of the competition, with the possibility to absolve a financial innovating audit. The innovating specialists and consultants evaluated the company´s innovating process, the method of innovating application and the way to put it in place and to convert it into money.  

The company MERCI, s.r.o. gained such as in the previous year, such as in this year in the “TOP 10” of registered companies. The delegate of the company MERCI, s.r.o. took the award in the AdMaS Center in Brno in November 2015.