Designing and Engineering

The company MERCI, s.r.o. provides designing, producing and assembling of laboratory interiors in the last 20 years. We realized a bright scale of investing projects for the whole spectrum of branches and activities. We are working on the bright scale of investing projects with various relevance and parameters and are offering professional selling services.

We solve the requirements of our clients complexly, namely from the idea of the laboratory interior through the making of project, production of needed elements, assembly and getting it going to the maintenance and service. A professional team of employees and wide net of regional bureaus are ensuring optimal accessibility of our services.

The base of the successful activities of the company is complex attitude to the problematic of laboratory interiors and equipment primarily, including a compliance of building and connecting dispositions, laboratory furniture and fume cupboards, installed technologies, personal requirements and laboratory equipment.

Evaluation of material and personal ways, working methods, making of operation orders for workplaces and economic and effectivity of operation is a very important part of our working.

Such as leading Czech producer, the company MERCI invest into the rank of Research & Development and into operating tests for innovation of used materials.

We dispose of own technologic and development department, which main mission is to improve our own model lines and to prepare basic preconditions for modern, safe and energetic effective work-place. Another important priority is, penetrate the market with goods, according to the highest requirements for working in various types of laboratories.

Our ability to design and engineer is very important during realization of large actions and complexes investments primarily, such as campuses, scientific centers of excellence, large technologic or producing parks or medicine institutions.