Schooling of Distributors of the Laboratory Furniture MERCI®

  • Date: 25.11.2015
  • Author: Petra Vráblová

There was the first schooling of distributors of laboratory furniture MERCI® in the term 12. – 13. October 2015. The schooling took place at the seat of the company in Brno-Slatina directly. 7 companies from 7 countries participated in schooling together. The schooling was composed of theoretic lectures in the company´s schooling center, where was introduced a new product line of laboratory furniture MERCI® Standard, terms and conditions and marketing materials for the year 2016. The guests have seen a practice presentation of producing machines, working of designers and specialists and so on. The schooling consisted all important information to sell the laboratory furniture MERCI® in foreign countries.

We believe, the schooling was beneficial for all participants and we will be glad to see them in the next workshop again.

Your Team MERCI